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Clients demand results in different ways, and with all our experience, nothing will catch us off guard. Many contracts, especially construction, real estate, and business contracts, have clauses requiring disputes that can not be settled between the parties involved and can only be resolved through binding arbitration or another method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

At our law firm, we are experienced at arbitration in the unique context of ADR in construction, real estate, business partnerships, and other commercial areas. If you are involved in a dispute that may go into arbitration or mediation, we encourage you to contact us to discuss our services and your rights. Our attorneys have participated in a substantial number of formal arbitration proceedings. Because we have arbitrator and mediator experience, we can effectively counsel clients on strategies for pursuing positive outcomes in arbitration proceedings.

In addition to being an arbitrator, we represent clients in other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including being a mediator. Unlike arbitration, mediation is usually not binding and therefore requires a different strategic approach. Some construction, real estate, and other commercial contracts require that the parties go into mediation or another form of ADR before advancing to the arbitration stage or litigation in court.

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